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With over 100 quality Rooms and Studios to rent in Swindon we can
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We do not give precise address as we respect the privacy of the current residents - please do see approx. locations through the map below.

Areas where we have rooms available:

Old Town

  • Bath Road - SN1 4AY
  • Okus Road - SN1 4JQ

Town Centre

  • Rolleston Street - SN1 3JW
  • Curtis Street - SN1 5JU
  • Newhall Street - SN1 5QS
  • Crombey Street - SN1 5QN
  • Manchester Road - SN1 2AQ
  • Milton Road - SN1 5JQ
  • Station Road - SN1 2BD
  • County Road - SN1 2EE
  • Broad Street - SN1 2DU
  • Haydon Street - SN1 1DT
  • Cricklade Road - SN2 1AQ
  • Bruce Street¬†- SN2 2EL
  • Birch Street - SN1 5HD
  • Beatrice Street- SN1 2AQ